King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Dale Vader – Chapter Two

King Of The Hill Pornography Story: Dale Vader – Chapter Two

As I mentioned earlier,
Dale had a cool, but terrible dream. In his dream, he was Anakin
Skywalker. He wore his sunglasses in his dream, his face looked the
same, but he had Anakins body, from head to feet.

I look cool. He
said as he stared at his dream self from a mirror in his future dream
house. Nancy was Padme in his dream. John Redcorn was Yoda in his
dream. Octavio was Emperor Palpatine in his dream. Dale and Nancy
loved each other so deeply, but in reality, Nancy just loved him like
a mother loving her son.

Dale was having fun in
his dream, until he began killing a lot of people in his dream. He
tossed and turned as he dreamt of the horrific destruction he was
doing in his dream. Then after a while, he saw himself become Darth

Then after that moment,
he laughed silently, and he had fun again. He pictured himself
resisting pain, in his Goth like suit. But, just as he saw Hank in
his dream, trying to kill him, he woke up.

When he woke up, he
leaped forward, and he panted. Sug, Sug, whats wrong? Nancy
asked as she tended to her husband. Then Dale went to her and kissed
her. Then she broke the kiss, What has gotten you all hyped up?
The force. Dale replied. I know why I am the way that I am,
and why were together. He stated.

Why? Nancy asked.
I am Anakin Skywalker reincarnated, and you are his wife
reincarnated. He added. Aw sug, youre just you and Im
just me. She exaggerated. But Nancy, I can help you, I can
protect you and our son, and I can eliminate all who oppress us.
Dale stated sneeringly as he held her. But Joseph and I are OK.
She pleaded. Oh. Dale replied in relief.

But you must not
tell Hank any of this. Dale ordered. But sug, Hanks your
best friend. She replied. I dont need his help. We dont
need his help. Dale pleaded. I will go to Master John Redcorn,
and seek his guidance. He added. Okay, you can go to him, but I
will also keep the promise. She stated. And just try not to
kill anyone. She added. Good girl. Dale said, I will do
whatever you ask, my love. He added as he gave his sweet wife a
kiss. So Dale decided to go to John Redcorn for help.

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